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edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are laser-sintered, pre-polymerized, highly filled enamel shells made of nano-hybrid composite. Their anatomical profiles guarantee faithful and at the same time highly esthetic replicas of natural deciduous teeth. Thanks to improved physical properties, they can be used directly as single crowns for anterior and posterior deciduous teeth.

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are prefabricated, radiopaque PEDIATRIC CROWNs that replicate the anatomical base of the enamel layer of the tooth. Together with edelweiss COMPOSITE, they can be used to fabricate simple or complex restorations of deciduous teeth in both the anterior and posterior regions in cases of superficial or deep caries. PEDIATRIC CROWNs protect the deciduous tooth until natural exfoliation (tooth loss) while providing functional support by maintaining proper occlusal contacts with opposing teeth. Occlusion can be easily achieved by adjusting the PEDIATRIC CROWN. Machining of the opposing natural tooth is not required.

Restoration of the tooth is simple and quick, resulting in a bioesthetic, functional final result that blends perfectly with the natural dentition. The required preparation is minimal and limited to the extent of caries. Therefore, there is no risk of iatrogenic exposure of the pulp of the deciduous tooth.

The PEDIATRIC CROWNs are cemented in place with the same material they are made of, resulting in a stable bond of the entire restoration (between dentin/enamel + composite + PEDIATRIC CROWN). edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs can also be cemented in place with conventional glass ionomer cement or resin-modified glass ionomer cement (KGIZ).


  • Barium dental glass
  • Bis-GMA-based dental resin matrix
  • Pigments
  • Additives
  • Catalyst
Technical data

Filler content: 82 wt.% The variation range of the inorganic filler particles is between 0.02 and 3 µm.

Technical Aspects

Properties edelweiss COMPOSITE
  • Easy processing
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Easy and fast polishability
  • Low shrinkage due to the use of nano technology and a high filler content (82%)
  • Excellent natural abrasion behavior
  • Antibacterial surface due to zinc and fluoride content
  • Natural fluorescence
  • X-ray opaque
  • Anterior and posterior restorations
  • Discoloration of primary teeth
  • Morphological deformations
  • Congenitally malformed primary teeth
  • Developmental defects
  • Poor enamel quality
  • Increased carious activity
  • Restoration of teeth after pulpectomy or pulpotomy procedures
  • Fractured primary teeth following trauma
  • Severe bruxism
  • Erosion


“As a dentist, treating the child patient requires more of my attention, skill and care. Up until now, stainless steel crowns were for me, as a mother of a daughter, the single and easiest way of getting a functional restoration with minimal costs.”

However, most children and their parents were very disappointed with the “metal look” and poor esthetics. Parents wanted both esthetics and function in a single crown.

For me, the edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are the perfect way to create a perfect natural esthetic crown with minimal invasive procedures where I am in total control of the final outcome. My patients are never stressed and the parents are always happy with the results.

The edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN has all the qualities of an ideal pediatric crown.

«Easy and safe treatment for a healthy smile in children.»


• Morphology designed to protect the pulpal- horns of milk teeth
• Biocompatible, Bioesthetic & Biofunctional
• Antibacterial and plaque resistant
• Zero Bisphenol A
• Minimally-invasive preparations or no preparation needed
• Excellent bond to tooth structure
• Cuts like natural tooth
• Easy to adjust in the mouth
• Can be used in partially or fully erupted primary teeth
• Natural abrasion, no damage to opposing teeth
• Can be easily repaired
• Easy handling by the practitioner
• Less time needed for crown placement
• Cost effective
• Prefabricated to fit all sizes of milk teeth

The Technical Concept

edelweiss dentistry introduces you to a groundbreaking advancement in pediatric dentistry that is setting a new standard in dental care for children.

Unrivaled Innovation

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNS represent the world’s first of its kind, setting a new standard for restorative dental care for children.

Superior Esthetics

mimicking anatomy of real teeth for a natural and beautiful smile.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

engineered to be minimally invasive, preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible during the restoration process.

This approach helps to minimize discomfort and maintain the integrity of the child’s teeth.

Excellent Durability

Long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and fracture.

Optimal Fit and Function

Custom-made to ensure a precise fit on the child’s tooth for enhanced esthetics and functionality.

Child-Friendly Materials

Biocompatible and zero Bisphenol A, crafted using high-quality materials.

Streamlined Application Process

User-friendly application to reduce chairside time and enhance the overall treatment experience.

Backed by Dental Experts

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are developed in collaboration with leading dental professionals, ensuring a product that is based on expertise and trusted by pediatric dentists worldwide.

Empowering Pediatric Dentistry

by incorporating edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs into your practice, you can offer cutting-edge solutions to your patients, showcasing your commitment to providing the best in pediatric dental care.


are made of a laser sintered barium glass, which makes them both highly antibacterial and plaque resistant. These crowns are biocompatible; they have the same abrasion as natural teeth, hence the edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN does not damage the antagonist tooth. The mesial and distal margins of the edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN follow the natural gingival line of the milk teeth. 

The edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN perfectly imitates the natural milk tooth in both form and function. The pre-fabricated, bio esthetical morphology allows for a quick and safe treatment. You can achieve maximum esthetical results, which are minimally invasive, in one appointment. No matter what the dental situation, edelweiss has the right crown for it.


The composition of edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs

Barium silicate glass: single glass phase for optimum esthetics
and better bonding tooth structure

Aluminium oxide: strength and optical properties

Carbon (resin): resilience and repairability

Zinc oxide: antibacterial (no biofilm formation)

Fluoride: hydroxyapatite regeneration and

SEM images show a smooth surface devoid of any cracks or voids

Smooth glass like structure resulting in long lasting shine with no staining.

The edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN shows a homogeneous layer of glass almost fused to form a single unit. There is a complete absence of voids or defects on the surface structure. (Mag = 3.00KX)

Higher magnification shows no surface defects with total absence of voids or cracks. This means a long-lasting shine and no chipping or crack propagation. (Mag = 7.44KX)

No Biofilm or bacterial growth on edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs

The presence of zinc oxide nanoparticles and fluoride combats bacteria and biofilms on the surface and at tooth–restoration margins to inhibit marginal staining and secondary caries.

No bacteria and biofilm formation on edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN.

Bacterial growth observed on composite (control).

Child friendly

We care for our children’s health

We understand the importance of using safe and biocompatible materials for children.

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are crafted using high-quality materials that are specifically chosen to be safe and gentle on young teeth and gums.

ALL edelweiss products are BPA free and biocompatible.

Zero Bisphenol A

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN is free of Bis-GMA & Bis-EMA


The world’s first biosustainable pediatric crown.

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs are non-toxic

Toxicity Studies done on:
Human Stem Cells
Intracutaneous reactivity test (ISO 10993-23:2021)

Non-irritating to the skin or mucosa
Skin sensitization test (ISO 10993-10:2021)

We care for our planet

eedelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN is a safe product and in line with world trends of being the first PEDIATRIC CROWN to be BPA free and biosustainable.


One size for all

Based on a study of all shapes and size variations of natural tooth anatomy, prefabricated and contourable universal PEDIATRIC CROWN shapes for the upper and lower arch were developed in the following range of sizes (Small, Medium, Large).

The choice

The choice of the tooth shape is performed with the available Sizing Guide (edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN Sizing Guide).
The Sizing Guide is positioned over the teeth to be restored, in which the visible profile allows for proper selection of the best fitting edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN. Adjustments can be illustrated directly on the template.

Shade Range

edelweiss Shade Guide

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWNs consist of the shade Enamel – Vita Enamel AO. The respective dentin and enamel shades used to cement the edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN will determine the final shade tone of the restoration.

Shade Selection

Placing the enamel VENEER (same shade as PEDIATRIC CROWN) shell over the dentin core. For light refraction place glycerine within enamel shell first.

Natural Layering Technique

The concept was proposed in 1995 by Prof. Dr. D. Dietschi and was published for the first time in 1997. It is based on the idea of creating a synthesis between light, materialand color in order to mimic the natural tooth structure.

edelweiss COMPOSITE restructures teeth using two toothlike masses that are comparable to the vita dentin and enamel…

5 x Dentin

Single opacity - same hue, but different chroma levels - fluorescence. From Dentin A0, for the restoration of bleached teeth to Dentin A3.5, for cervical restorations of darker teeth for elderly patients.

Dentin Body shades exhibit high opacity and fluorescence which correspond to natural shades of dentin.

1 x Enamel

Enamel shade intensifies the translucency, which increase the true opalescence for all optical variations found in natural dentition.

Basic Tint:

3 x Effect Shades

Effect Blue serves to enhance blue-opalescent effects of the incisal edge.

Effect Ice helps to simulate widespread enamel opacities.

Opaque White is mainly used in combination with other shades to produce “opaquers” of desired shade to cover either severely discolored tissues or metals.

Tint: Effect Blue, Effect Ice,
Opaque White

edelweiss Shade System

edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN consist of the shade Enamel – Vita Enamel AO.
The respective dentin and enamel shades used to cement the PEDIATRIC CROWN will determine the final shade tone of the restoration.

Example: edelweiss PEDIATRIC CROWN (Vita Enamel Shade AO) cemented with Dentin Shade A3 (Vita Dentin Shade A3) will result in the Vita Dentin Shade A3.

Mechanical Properties & Benefits

• Mimic natural form and function
• Bio-esthetical morphology
• Quick, easy and safe treatment
• Optimal esthetic results
• Mesial and distal margins follow the natural gingival-line
• Antibacterial, high plaque-resistance
• Biocompatible natural abrasion behavior
• No damage to primary antagonists
• Time saving, minimal or no preparation required
• Non/minimal-invasive, protects tooth structure
• Repairable in the mouth
• Can be individualized

Technical Data


N.-H. Composite

N.-H. Flowable Composite
Flexural Strength 200 MPa 150 MPa 120 MPa
Compressive Strength 550 MPa 480 MPa 350 MPa
Flexural Modulus 20 GPa 12.5 (dentin) - 16 GPa (enamel) 68 HV
Surface Hardness 100 HV 80 HV 68 HV
Polymerization Shrinkage - 2.50 % N.A.

(Source: internal data from edelweiss dentistry)


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