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Nano-Hybrid Flowable Composite

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edelweiss Nano-Hybrid Flowable Composite is a light cured, radiopaque filling material for restorative therapy.

Note: This product is available and approved exclusively for dental customer groups.

  • Barium dental glass
  • Bis-GMA based resin matrix
  • Pigments
  • Additives
  • Catalyst
Technical Data

Filler ratio: 65,5 % by weight = 38 % by volume. The variation of inorganic filler particle is between 0.02-3 μm.

  • Initial layer underneath class I and II restorations
  • Anterior restorations (class III, IV)
  • Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Small restorations of all types
  • Blocking out of undercuts
  • Repair of composite and ceramic veneers
  • Repair of bis-acryl provisional temporaries
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