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edelweiss LONG VENEER

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edelweiss LONG VENEERs are prefabricated, polymerized, radiopaque, highly filled nano-hybrid composite enamel shells with an inorganic surface.

The composite VENEERs facilitate the direct veneering of single or multiple anterior teeth, which are cemented in place with the same material they are made of. This results in a stable unit (between dentin/enamel + composite + edelweiss VENEER).

edelweiss LONG VENEERs consist of enamel shells in two universal OK sets (Small = small, Medium = medium), which are available in one color (Enamel VENEER – a translucent, natural color).

edelweiss LONG VENEERs increase the flexibility of the edelweiss SYSTEM, as a variety of veneer sizes are now available. Previously, edelweiss VENEERs were only available with a regular length-to-width ratio of 1.2:1. Now, LONG VENEERs with an increased length-to-width ratio of 1.4:1 are also available and dentists can choose the veneer ratio that best suits their patient.


  • Barium dental glass
  • Bis-GMA-based matrix of dental resins
  • Pigments
  • Additives
  • Catalyst
Technical data

Filler ratio: 82 % by weight = 65 % by volume. The variation of inorganic filler particle is between 0.02-3 µm.

    • Anterior and posterior restorations
    • Tooth discolorations
    • Anatomical deformities
    • Diastema
    • Erosion & Attrition
    • Customized Veneers, Crowns & Bridges
    • Crowns & Crown facings
    • Periodontal cases

    The best for your patients

    «By combining and adapting of the latest composite and laser technology, edelweiss dentistry has made a quantum leap into the future of minimally invasive dentistry. The laser process combines the best of two worlds: an homogeneous, inorganic and maximum gloss surface with a thermally tempered and dynamic composite core. Thus, an optimal integration in function and esthetics is achieved. This, combined with maximum cost-effectiveness, has convinced me and my patients.»

    “The difference lies in the high similarity with nature.”

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