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Veneer Bond

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edelweiss VENEER Bond is a light curing adhesive for bonding edelweiss VENEERs and for intraoral repairs to damaged composite restorations.

edelweiss VENEER Bond ensures for an adhesive bond to edelweiss VENEERs and edelweiss Nano-Hybrid Composite as well as new composite filling material that is applied to older, cured composites. Repairs to older composite fillings do not require complete removal of the restoration, since it can be applied intraorally.

Note: This product is available and approved exclusively for dental customer groups.

  • Bis-GMA based resin matrix
  • Additives
  • Catalyst
  • Bonding of edelweiss VENEERs to edelweiss Nano-Hybrid Composite.
  • Intraoral repair of damaged composite.
  • Shade adjustments for unsatisfactory esthetic composite restorations.
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